I am Manoj Panta.

Software Developer / Technology Enthusiast

I am a passionate developer who loves to tackle challenges. The curiosity of how things work behind the scenes has led me to Software Engineering. Software Engineering is the field which challenges me everyday and makes me feel empowered as it have notable impact on people's lives. My experience at Turing School of Software and Design has taught me working in fast paced, highly collaborative environments.


Languages and Platforms

• Ruby

• Java

• JavaScript

• Swift(learning)



• Node.js

• React.js


Framework and Tools

• Ruby On Rails

• Sinatra

• SpringBoot

• Xcode

• Atom / VSCode

• Git

• Activerecord

• JPA/Hibernate

• Xcode

• Atom/VSCode

• Git/Github


• Test Driven Development

• Behaviour Driven Development

• Agile Development

• Pair Programming

• Project Management

• RESTful APIs

• Relational Databases